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Some of the resources listed below are available to Hebrew University users onlyHebrew University users only (based on IP verification).

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Database Years User Guides
Academic Search Premier
Multi-disciplinary database designed specifically for academic institutions, containing a large collection of peer-reviewed text journals and eBooks
1975- Vendor guide
A agricultural administration, laws and regulations, economics, education, training and extension, engineering and products etc.
The database is produced by the National Agricultural Library and includes its catalog.
1970- Vendor guide
ASFA - Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries
Aquatic science, aquatic organisms, fisheries and oceanography.
1971- Vendor guide
BIOSIS Previews
(Including Biological Abstracts)
Life sciences, biomedical research etc., includes conference reports.
1990- Vendor guide Library guide (in Hebrew)
CAB Abstracts
Agriculture, forestry, human health and nutrition, animal health, and the management and conservation of natural resources. Produced by the Commonwealth Agriculture Bureau.
1972- Vendor guide
Dissertations & Theses (ProQuest)
Masters and PhD dissertation. Bibliographic citations from 1637, abstracts from 1988 and full text from 1997.
1938- Vendor guide
Essential Science Indicators
A Web of Science database.
Includes statistics and citations of articles by research category, university, country and journal.
1995- Vendor guide
Food Science & Technology.
1969- Vendor guide
A multidisciplinary database of geology, human and physical geography, environmental sciences, oceanography and geomechanics.
1973- Vendor guide Library guide (in Hebrew)
A database of abstracted and indexed geosciences literature published by the American Geological Institute (AGI).
1785- Vendor help
Database covering all aspects of human impact to the environment.
1913- Vendor guide
ICSD www database
Inorganic Crystal Structure Database.
  Vendor guide
JCR Journal Citation Reports
Impact factor of journals in all areas of science, technology, and social sciences.
1998- Vendor guide
Oceanic Abstracts
Oceanography, marine and brackish-water environments.
1981- Vendor guide
Web of Science
A single interface for articles in sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.
1965- Vendor guide Library guide (in Hebrew)
The Index to Hebrew Periodicals (IHP)
Vendor guide

Earthquakes (4th ed.) by Bruce Bolt, W. H. Freeman, 1999 - The textbook site.

Hebrew University users only Environmental Studies and Policy Collection

Israel Science Journals - Including Israeli journals in Chemistry, Ecology and Evolution, Earth Sciences and Plant Sciences.

KNMI - Publications by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute.

Mindat - The mineral and locality database.

NASA - Links to related Earth Science resources.

Rock Key - The Rock Identification Key, by Don Peck.

Hebrew University users only Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Understanding earth (3rd ed.) by Frank Press and Raymond Siever, W.H. Freeman, 2001 - The textbook site.

USGS - Selected Water-Resources Abstracts from U. S. Geological Survey website.

WebElements - The periodic table.

Web Geological Time Machine - From the University of California Museum of Paleontology website.

AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

AGI - American Geological Institute.

AGU - American Geophysical Union.

AMS - American Meteorological Society.

ASLO - American Society of Limnology and Oceanography.

ECMWF - European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts.

The Geochemical Society

The Geological Society (London)

GSA - The Geological Society of America.

IAMG - International Association for Mathematical Geology.

IUGS - International Union of Geological Sciences.

LPI - Lunar and Planetary Institute.

MSA - Mineralogical Society of America.

SSA - Seismological Society of America.

SEPM - Society for Sedimentary Geology.

USGS - U.S. Geological Survey.

NOAA - U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

WMO - World Meteorological Organization.

אנציקלופדית כדור הארץ - של המכון למדעי כדה"א באוניברסיטה העברית.


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