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How to search books, journals & more

How to search for a book in the Harman Science Library?

Search the library catalog:
  1. In the search box type the book details under Keywords (title keywords, author of the book or other keywords). You can type in either Hebrew or English.
  2. Click the relevant title for detailed information about item copies (Holdings tab).
The Holdings tab includes information on:
  • Copies available in the Harman Science Library and in other Hebrew University Libraries.
  • The shelf number, such as: QA 21 B4.
  • The loan status, such as: 3 days, 7 days, 21 days, Non-circulating.
  • The return date - due date. A date in this field indicates that the book is on loan, and can be recalled. The date indicates the closest date the book is supposed to be returned. In order to ensure the book is returned on this date, please request it.
  • Collection indicates an item's location in the library:

    Level Collection
    -2 Level -2 Periodicals, Level -2 Russian Periodicals
    -1 -1 Research Collection, -1A Textbooks, -1D Dictionaries, -1T Theses
    Ground    Circulation Desk, Temporary
    1 1Y Reference, 1YS Series
    2 Level 2 Periodicals

    For other locations, please ask at the Circulation desk.

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How to recall a book currently on loan:

All books on loan are automatically renewed, so you must request the book you are interested in. To request a book which is currently on loan search the book in the catalog (How to search for a book) open the Holdings screen, ascertain that all copies are out on loan; i.e. all have due field. If there is an available copy the book cannot be recalled. Click Request. This links you to the Library Card screen. Type your ID number in twice (9 digits) and confirm your request. Always remember to exit this screen after placing your order.

You will receive an e-mail to your university mailbox ( when the book is returned to the circulation desk. A textbook will be held for one day and a research book will be held for a week.

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How to locate a book which is not listed in the library catalog:

If the required book is not in the HUJI catalog, search in the ULI (Union List Catalog), the union catalog of all the academic and institution libraries.

  1. In the search box type the book details under keywords.
  2. Select the appropriate title or author.

The Available at field lists the libraries which have the book with links to the specific library catalogs.

Please note, especially when searching in Hebrew, that slight differences in cataloging procedures may result in multiple entries for a particular title.

Please use the Interlibrary Loan Service to order books from other libraries in the Israel.

Additional Resources:

» Interlibrary loan clip (Hebrew)

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How to search for a journal:

Search the library catalog:

  1. Type in the full name of the journaland click Find.
  2. Limit the search by choosing ejournal or journal under Material Type on the right.
  3. For access to ejournal click FindIt@HUJI link.
  4. For print holdings information and location click journal title.

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The journal is listed in the catalog. How can it be located on the shelf?

The journals in Harman Science Library are located on two main floors.

Most issues are located on Level 2P (two floors above the library entrance). The journals are organized alphabetically by their title name. The collection is called Level 2 per.

Some older titles are located on Level -2P (two floors below the library entrance). The journals are organized alphabetically by their title. The collection is called Level -2 periodical. Journals in Russian are also located on this floor. The collection is called Level -2 Russian per.

Please consult a librarian if , if other Location is listed.

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How to locate a journal which is not listed in the library catalog?

One should search the ULS (Union List of Serials). The ULS is a union catalog that lists all the printed and electronic journals in University and Institute libraries.

  1. Enter the full journal name under Journal title and click Search.
  2. Choose the appropriate journal from the list.

The next screen includes:

  • A link to electronic journals is available under E-text. An electronic journal is accessible from Hebrew University computers only if the code HUJI appears in this field.
  • A coded list of libraries that have printed volumes of the journal is listed under Print Holdings. Harman Science Library's code is HUJI-JSL..

Please use the Interlibrary Loan Services to order an article from a journal which is not in the library collection.

Additional Resources:
» Interlibrary loan clip (Hebrew)

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How to search for an electronic article:

Access to electronic journals, as well as database searches, is possible only from computers connected to the Hebrew University web (on accessing electronic journals from home), AnyConnect Application or SAMBA-VPN. More details are available on library website --» Remote Access".

How to search electronic article:

  1. In the search box (Articles & more) type in article details (keywords from title, author or keywords)
  2. Click Find.

If the required article is not listed, search in the library catalogue by journal title. If there is electronic access the FindIt@HUJI-SFX link will appear. Clicking the link will lead to the article details screen. Choose the appropriate distributor according to coverage, and fill out the bibliographic details of the article (year of publication, volume, pages).

If the article is not available electronically, a scan can be ordered through the Interlibrary Loan Services.

Additional Resources:
» Interlibrary loan clip (Hebrew)

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How to access electronic journals and databases from home:

Hebrew University students and faculty can also access databases and electronic journals directly from home. Follow the connection instructions available on Computation Authority site.

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Ebooks quick guides:

» ebrary ebook quick guide
» Ebsco ebook quick guide


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